The October 22nd George Armwood Remembrance Memorial program held at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore was a resounding success.  The event was viewed by most as a beginning to seek facts and perspective in an effort toward understanding so that future generations can view this difficult history armed with knowledge. 

Photographs and more information will follow to describe how the event went, for those who were unable to attend.  There were many amazing moments of the program, but perhaps the most moving remarks came from comments from audience members, some of whom had direct connections to descendents affected by the historic events.  The program got emotional with the eloquent comments from descendants from the Denston and Armwood families. 

Our thanks to everyone who participated — the organizers, the moderator, the panel participants and audience members. 

Feel free to post your comments and questions.  If you have any problems using the blog, feel free to contact Linda Duyer at 443-366-2451 or lindaduyer1@yahoo.com.


One Response to “Welcome”

  1. That’s part of my fam i had no idea i’ll be prayin that the lord give all our fam strength in him. Love you all

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